Mystical sensitivity combined with down-to-the-bone finely tuned skills, Gilad Reichenthal is weaving his fillings, beats and lyrical branches through Susanna's play. Born and raised in Israel and having studied in LA, he gained wide spread recognition, there, touring and playing with numerous bands.

Based in Berlin since 2012, has been a studio and live drummer for bands as BRITTSOMMAR and 17 HIPPIES, meanwhile collaborating and developing contemporary dance pieces with Shai Faran.

Susanna and Gili have started to play duo-shows in 2013 and will continue to do so- improvising and re-arranging songs as they are played, spontaneously and open-eared towards each other.


Studied Jazz drummer Toto Wolf is exploring massively different styles, working and having worked with Hot Jazz bands, such as THE HAFERFLOCKEN SWINGERS, DJANGO LASSI and OLDFISH JAZZBAND as well as Klezmer with the MESCHUGELES, experimental music and NewPop projects like PERERA ELSEWHERE- his ability of feeling into various kinds of musical expression is highly appreciated not only by the SUSANNA BERIVAN BAND, in which he plays on liveshows as well as the upcoming album.

photo by Juan Cordido



FLOCKO MOTION is a miracle on stage. The huge instrument, his doublebass, seems to become butter in his hands, melting softly and grooving into his movements.

Coming off playing Hot Jazz and sharing this history with Susanna Berivan and Toto Wolf, with whom he was and is still playing the good old Blues and Swing, he also is a composer and musician for theatre plays.

Being part of THE DIZZY BIRDS, playing Tuba for a change, he is also bassist for SKAZKA ORCHESTRA.

Already having played together with Susanna in different constellations over the years, Flocko Motion joined the Susanna Berivan Band in 2012-

giving his voodoo and soul to her compositions.

photo by Juan Cordido


Genius LAURENT HUMEAU played the dark broken solo on YELLOW MOON, recorded at TONBRAUEREI.

Usually known as the guitar player from DJANGO LASSI and the clarinetist of the OLDFISH JAZZBAND, he amazes with thrillingly skilled and daring solos, always keeping a pokerface, which stands in incredible opposition to the high and fast flying notes, he delivers-

if not, for a ballad, he strikes the slow and poetic notes, that make the soul ache in that sweet way.


YUKA YU, songwriter, singer and bandleader of YUKA & THE TADZIO has given his sensitivity and skills on the electric guitar to the recording of PIGEON.

Having first met in Berlin through coincidences that you could call a miracle, Susanna and YUKA YU, met again and again over the years, finally starting to play music together.

YUKA YU also gave the idea of giving it a shot and record at Igor Kondrashin's X STUDIOS- which turned out to be just the right thing to do.

Always present with body and soul, during the recordings that were done in Kaluga, Russia, YUKA YU became an essential part of the record, audible in PIGEON, but matter of fact, throughout all the songs, that were layed down in Russia.

photo by Ekaterina Plotko