january 6, 2015

On January the 3rd, just in the very fresh year of 2015, Mary Ocher and Susanna Berivan realized their idea for a musicvideo for "THE REMINDER", a heart-rocking track of Susanna's album.

With the great help of Tom Plate, who created the amazing cardboard set and also shot the whole thing - which was done as a one shot -  and with the additional help of Gili Reichenthal, Jessica Dürwald, Johanna Landscheidt, Marc Seestaedt, Maria Jamborsky, Miriam Knobbe and last but not least Sarah Kretchmer - all of them dancing shaking and waving cardboard all over that screen.

And Andrea Roberts contributing with a very special piece of costume, which will be seen, when the video will be released in the end of January 2015.

Happy New Year!

 december 28, 2015


Going deeper into the past, catching up and putting up a demo from the winters of 2012 on Bandcamp - ready to be downloaded as all money will be donated to help NGO's help refugees.

The song 'Canary Bird'


April 4, 2017

After having played a lovely short tour with the boys and girl from Huck Blues, early this year and other shows with Black River Delta, Sam Densmore and the beloved Die Outlanders, featuring my best drummer man Gilad Reichenthal, I started working and rehearsing with Francesca Santangelo. I am happy to be developing arrangements and play joyous improvisations with this Italian drum maestress. She is working real magic on the Marimba as well as the kit and basically anything that creates a sound when you hit it. We gonna take all the time we need and want until we will present you a live programm. 

Apart form that I have had the pleasure to create a  poetry film with film maker Andrea Rüthel. Our experimental short will be screened on the 29 Filmfest Dresden on the 6th and 8th of April.  Check out other    upcoming events and I hope to see you, there!


October 2018


Lots has been happening.. a short overview: the collaboration with Francesca Santangelo repeating, new songs are on the way to be recorded, also German ones, whoohoo! Our short movie "WIE" (collaboration with Andrea Rüthel) continues to travel through the galleries of the world, next hitting Chicago to be screened at the body + camera festival 2018 and Jersey City and Miami for  Mana Contemporary. There has been a 2-channel sound installation done and shown in the exhibition "Page/ Figure" at KUB gallery Leipzig, carrying the title "I, Fuga", dealing with the narration of the self, repetition and reflection. Not only having been busy with sound and video art projects, there have been shows in Russia, again, revisiting the good memories, friends and musicians over there. For promotional purposes, this video was taken, where I do my best to quirk out a proper Russian sentence:

 Happy welcome to the news...

In other news, there will be a show with Lord Youth in Leipzig, including a couple of our songs played in collaboration at a secret venue, hidden behind graffities and glass. Message, if you want to know the adress! Concluding with our promo pic for the event (portrait of me taken by Noam Rosenthal), many cheers.

Film still, WIE, collaboration with Andrea Rüthel, 2017

december 4, 2015


As the first edition of the pressed album on CD is sold out, there are handmade stencil cards in silver, b/w available at live shows (signed, of course and numbered as well, a limited edition of 50 pieces) -

apart from that, of course, the digital download is endlessly available on good old BANDCAMP.




september 17, 2015

Thank You! for a wonderful release concert in Moscow, Your participation in the heart and in action.

The digital release is up on Bandcamp, now - iTunes up to follow.

Thank You for Your support, kindness and joy!

Much love,

Susanna Berivan


here's a video by Yuri Goryanoy from the show at More Vnutri



march 30, 2015


Utmostly happy to announce that, maybe due to our brightly coloured new video, Susanna and Gili are going to play at the annual COMICINVASION comic fair in Berlin - finally united as a duo, again.

Since this April is without kidding a pretty full month concerning the amount of Gigs, Susanna will be playing, one is to be specially announced:

the most lovely TWO WINGS  are sharing stage with Susanna on the 31st at ACUD MACHT NEU - turning the night that leads into the 1st of April into some kind of Sylvester. Looking forward.


september 19, 2014

The legendary BRITTSOMMAR are back in Germany- sharing set with Susanna for a couple of shows.

Who wouldn't be looking forward to this:

august 27, 2014

After several shows with, for example, the honouring and inspiring experience to open for the legendary JOSEPHINE FOSTER and her band in Berlin, there soon will be the digital release of more tracks on Bandcamp and! glad to say:

a solo set at the wonderful TORSTRASSEN FESTIVAL on the 30th of August- check it out!

october 30, 2013

there will be a solo set in Berlin, hosted by POPLAR AND ROCKS-

and as a very special for this night

FELIX WICKMAN will be sharing the stage

in the upside down MADAME CLAUDE:

october 4, 2013

gladly announcing drummer GILI GILAD REICHENTHAL on the upcoming shows at KUGELBAHN and KLUNKERKRANICH-

shall you enjoy the delight of hearing his masterly play

october 3, 2013

video shot!


with JEMEK JEMOWIT on camera!

get ready.


september 20, 2013

Released for download!

the teaser PIGEON is up for you on BANDCAMP!


september 10, 2013

In the meantime, Susanna Berivan and the band would already like to thank Dimitry Plotko, Vasyl Arbuzov, Thomas Raab & Yuka Yu for participating in making the upcoming album possible!

Also Laurent Humeau! giving a rusty-sweet edge, playing tenor sax on "Yellow Moon".. so far, so tease.


september 10, 2013

after a little break over the summer SUSANNA BERIVAN is back on stage- check SHOWS on this site.

after having recorded THE record -partly in Russia with Igor and Yuka Yu in the SILVER STUDIO in Kaluga, partly at TONBRAUEREI in Berlin with Thies Neu- Susanna and the Band are thrilled to see the record in mastering, now, done by Alex Theisen from ULTRATON.

Excerpts can be heard on this page, as well as SOUNDCLOUD, BANDPAGE & FACEBOOK..

we'll be glad to announce the date of release, as soon as we know it!